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Controlled use of fire in a hearth from 300,000 years ago

But this evidence from the Qesem Cave does show that by 300,000 years ago, the regular and controlled use of fire in a hearth, within a cave, had been well established. But what is even more interesting is that by 400,000 years ago, humans were allocating different areas of the cave for different “household activities”. It is also quite likely therefore that particular individuals were also specialising in particular activities. The first specialised “chefs”, toolmakers, leather craftsmen and perhaps even hunters or hunt leaders may date from this time. Continue reading

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The origins of hominins eating meat and plants

One recent paper dates the eating of grasses by Australopithecus bahrelghazali to about 3 -3.5 million years ago ( about 1 million years earlier than previously thought) while another paper dates regular meat eating to about 1.5 million years ago. Continue reading

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