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“Natural” selection and genetic changes in Europe in the last 5,000 years

The suggestion is that while skin colour was clearly darker in Europe 5,000 years ago and the changes could be explained by sunlight deficiencies at northern latitudes, it does not explain changes in skin and eue colur. It could be that these have changed genetically due to the selection of partners based on “attractiveness”. Continue reading

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Polynesian ancestors 3,000 years ago were hunter-gatherers rather than farmers

Early Lapita settlers from 3,000 years ago ate reef fish, marine turtles, fruit bats, free-range pigs and chickens, rather than primarily relying on growing crops for human food and animal fodder. Continue reading

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Kebara 2 Neanderthals had speech 60,000 years ago

The presence of modern-human-like histological features and micro-biomechanical behavior in the Kebara 2 hyoid indicates that this bone not only resembled that of a modern human, but that it was used in very similar ways.
Not only H. neanderthalensis, but perhaps the common ancestor of both Neanderthals and modern humans may have been capable of speech. Continue reading

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