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The peopling of Europe by waves of migration into melting pots of genes

Europe’s Stone Age settlers migrated in waves that replaced older hunter-gatherer cultures, suggests a study that looks at European DNA, both ancient and modern. The results reported in the journal, Science, answer questions about the peopling of modern-day Europe. Continue reading

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Hunter-gatherers persisted till 5,000 years ago (and are still around today)

I take permanent or semi-permanent settlements to be evidence of a lifestyle which had departed from being a purely hunter.gatherer lifestyle. Continue reading

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River corridors across the Sahara during the last interglacial?

During the Last interglacial, the Eemian, three major river systems likely existed in North Africa 130,000-100,000 years ago, but are now largely buried by dune systems in the Sahara desert. These river corridors could have facilitated the movement of humans into North Africa before the Great Expansion Out of Africa and then Out of Africarabia. Continue reading

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