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Ancient Mesopotamia had genetic links to the Indian sub-continent

Genetic studies show linkages between Mesopotamia and the Indian sub-continent suggesting that these genetic markers were due to movement from India to Mesopotamia in the paleolithic. Continue reading

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Human population explosion started well before the neolithic

The first significant expansion of human populations appears to be much older than the emergence of farming and herding, dating back to the Paleolithic (60,000-80,000 years ago) rather than Neolithic age. Continue reading

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A notation for referring to my ancestors

At least all my fathers along the paternal line and all my mothers on my maternal line can be simply and uniquely identified by a Pn or a Mn. So P3 is from my AG3 and was my father’s father’s father and M4 is from my AG4 and was my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother. In this notation then P3MP represents my AG5 and was my great-grandfather’s, mother’s, father while M9P3M is from my AG13 and was my AG9 mother’s, great-grand-father’s, mother! Continue reading

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Language and tool making use the same area of the brain

The same areas of the brain are activated for language production and making complex tools, supporting the theory that they evolved at the same time. Continue reading

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