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Beringia was inhabited for 500 generations

The now submerged land bridge (Beringia) between Asia and North America was not just a little strip of land across which the ancestors of native Americans quickly moved across. It was not just a rest stop for the journey to America. The “bridge” was a vast area of land and itself served as a fairly permanent habitat and refuge for ancient humans for around 10,000 years (500 generations) from 25,000 to 15,000 years ago. Continue reading

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Humans are tropical animals

The January 2014 Arctic Frontiers Conference saw Professor Hannu Rintamäki of Finland’s University of Oulu and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health give a presentation on work and well-being in frigid temperatures. But humans evolved as tropical animals and our thermal … Continue reading

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Migrations and admixture from west Eurasia to East and South Africa

A large-scale movement of people from west Eurasia into Ethiopia around 3,000 y ago resulted in the dispersal of west Eurasian ancestry throughout eastern Africa. This was then followed by a migration of an admixed population from eastern Africa to southern Africa, with admixture occurring ∼1,500 y ago. Continue reading

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