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The single Out-of-Africa theory is dying

The single Out-of-Africa theory is dying if not completely dead. Certainly some of the earlier excursions out of Africa may not have survived. I am still sticking to my narrative of the peopling of the world being mainly due to (at least) two waves of expansion from AfricArabia; one before the Toba eruption (74,000 years ago) and one after. Continue reading

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80,000-120,000 year old modern humans in S China confirm many and older Out of Africa events

The single Out of Africa event for modern humans is clearly far too simplistic. It is also clear that there were many back to Africa movements as well. Humans expanded sometimes because their old habitats were no longer viable. But, it seems, humans also explored and expanded into new territories from regions of plenty and where they maintained some contact with where they had come from. Probably, just because they could. Continue reading

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Once upon a story …….

It is not important to my narrative that any or all of these assumptions are proven – only that they are feasible. What is important though is that none of the assumptions be demonstrably false Continue reading

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Further indications of multiple Out of Africa(rabia) events

That indicates that these windows for movement were available at regular 23,000 year intervals from about 200,000 years ago. This study provides further indications that AMH moved into Arabia over 100,000 years ago and that there may well have been multiple expansions out of Arabia as well. Continue reading

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Chinese teeth support pre- and post-Toba dispersals of modern humans

It is becoming increasingly likely that there were at least two major dispersals of modern humans Out of Africa and through Arabia (Out of Africarabia). The first was prior to the Toba eruption of 74,000 years ago and possibly around 130,000 years ago and the second, post-Toba expansion around 60-70,000 years ago. Continue reading

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Homo Out of Africa 1.9 million years ago

Traits once thought to define early Homo, particularly H. erectus, did not arise as a single package. Some features once considered characteristic of Homo are found in Australopithecus (e.g., long hind limbs), whereas others do not occur until much later in time (e.g., narrow pelves and extended ontogeny). Continue reading

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Promiscuity in the Pleistocene

At some point there must have been children who were 50% Neanderthal and 50% AMH. And some who were 50% Neanderthal and 50% Denisovan. How did they survive? What kind of society existed in these ancient times that would permit such offspring not only to survive but also to mate and produce offspring in their turn? But however it happened, our ancestors in the pleistocene were a promiscuous lot. Continue reading

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