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The peopling of the Indian sub-continent

I suspect that the origins of Hinduism and guild-based caste system lies here in the clash and interaction and intermixing of the proto-Dravidian speaking hunter gatherers and the Indo-European speaking agricultarlists, with the Indis-Saraswati Valley being the melting pot rather than a battle ground. Continue reading

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Distribution of the light skin gene in India shows an ancient, pre-agriculture coalescence with Europeans

Genetic research giving the distribution of the light skin gene on the Indian sub-continent suggests an ancient origin (upto 28,000 years ago) for the entry of this gene. The results are not inconsistent with the ancient origins of the Indian caste system being rooted in difference of race and skin colour. Continue reading

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Ancient Mesopotamia had genetic links to the Indian sub-continent

Genetic studies show linkages between Mesopotamia and the Indian sub-continent suggesting that these genetic markers were due to movement from India to Mesopotamia in the paleolithic. Continue reading

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