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Hunter-gatherers persisted till 5,000 years ago (and are still around today)

I take permanent or semi-permanent settlements to be evidence of a lifestyle which had departed from being a purely hunter.gatherer lifestyle. Continue reading

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We were hunter-scavengers before we were hunter-gatherers

Archeological studies suggest that hominin were hunter-scavengers upto 2 million years ago. Continue reading

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Ceramic pottery was invented by hunter gatherers at least 15,000 years ago

Until quite recently ceramic container technologies have been associated with the arrival of farming, but we now know they were a much earlier hunter-gatherer adaptation, though the reasons for their emergence and subsequent widespread uptake are poorly understood. The first ceramic containers must have provided prehistoric hunter-gatherers with attractive new ways for processing and consuming foods but until now virtually nothing was known of how or for what early pots were used. Continue reading

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