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Our Neanderthal genes may have come mainly from their females

So I imagine the decline of the Neanderthals taking some 20-30,000 years as AMH expanded westwards and the decline of the Denisovans probably starting a little later but taking somewhat less time. The encounters and admixing probably only occurred with the tribes and bands at the frontiers. Continue reading

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What genetic characteristics are effectively being “selected for” today?

Evolutionary selection is a result not a cause. Today both “natural” selection and “artificial selection” are in play. The race will – I think – become much healthier with a lower propensity to disease. But I doubt – in the next few hundred years – that we will get noticeably much stronger or faster or taller or more intelligent. I do not expect either that we will have less bald people or more blue-eyed blondes. Continue reading

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