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Bread from 14,400 years ago suggests a long transition to the Neolithic

The transition from hunter-gatherers to settled agriculturalists was a long period which may well have started some 50,000 years ago and evolved through a form of transient agriculture. to eventually reach settled agriculture around 12-10,000 years ago. Continue reading

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SE Asia rainforests shaped by humans for 11,000 years

A new study comes to the brave conclusion – based on ancient pollen samples which contain charcoal and and therefore suggest that land was cleared and planted – that the rain forests of SE Asia have been “managed” by humans since about 11,000 years ago! Continue reading

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Agricultural beginnings were during the pre-Holocene glacial period

The origins of agriculture from the evidence of stones used to grind grains lie at least 23000 years ago in the fertile crescent of west Asia and in the depths of the pre-Holocene glacial maximum. But new evidence from North China suggests that these origins of may well lie in many regions – roughly simultaneously and following much the same paths of development. Continue reading

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