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Yellow River sedimentary evidence dates the Great Flood of China, and the start of the Xia dynasty, at 1920 BCE

The earliest historical records of Yu start only about 1,000 years after his death. It was thought that Yu lived around 2,200 BCE. A new paper in Science reports on studies of Yellow River sediments and suggest that the cause of the flood was a landslide, caused by an earthquake, that planted a massive natural dam across the Yellow River where it travels through the Jishi Gorge after emerging from the Tibetan plateau. Continue reading

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“Natural” selection and genetic changes in Europe in the last 5,000 years

The suggestion is that while skin colour was clearly darker in Europe 5,000 years ago and the changes could be explained by sunlight deficiencies at northern latitudes, it does not explain changes in skin and eue colur. It could be that these have changed genetically due to the selection of partners based on “attractiveness”. Continue reading

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Distribution of the light skin gene in India shows an ancient, pre-agriculture coalescence with Europeans

Genetic research giving the distribution of the light skin gene on the Indian sub-continent suggests an ancient origin (upto 28,000 years ago) for the entry of this gene. The results are not inconsistent with the ancient origins of the Indian caste system being rooted in difference of race and skin colour. Continue reading

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6,000 Ancestral Generations

And whether it was my long-removed ancestor from my Ancestral Generation AG5064 or one from Ancestral Generation AG 3220 who crossed the Bab-el-Mandeb is uncertain. But what is certain is that my ancestral patrilineal-father from AG6000 lived in central or East Africa. I call him M’rrgan. Continue reading

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