Dog domestication — the real story

From Clive Edwards Facebook page

dog domestication (clive edwards facebook)

dog domestication (clive edwards facebook)

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1 Response to Dog domestication — the real story

  1. John L Kelly says:

    What’s interesting is that the “Dump Heap Theory” is well established, concerning the domestication of plants, which led to agriculture. But applying this theory to the domestication of dogs, seems totally absent. I never understood why this would not apply to dogs, because early hunters and gatherers would have established a place for throwing out their trash, including food scraps.

    A small percentage of wolves, who were less afraid of humans would have naturally been drawn to the dump heaps, just outside the human’s village. Naturally, these dogs would reproduce in and around this wonderful place. If something happened to the mother of a helpless brood, it would be only natural for humans to collect the puppies and take them back into the settlement. And the rest would be history.

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