A notation for referring to my ancestors

As I try to consider (invent) the lives of my ancestors I use the following notation to try and identify them within my Ancestral space.

AG1 is my first Ancestral Generation comprising my parents and AG2 is my second Ancestral Generation comprised of their parents and so on. Of course it becomes extremely unwieldy very quickly but the nomenclature I use to identify my ancestors is illustrated in this diagram.

AG nomenclature

AG nomenclature

At least all my fathers along the paternal line and all my mothers on my maternal line can be simply and uniquely identified by a Pn or a Mn. So P3 is from my AG3 and was my father’s, father’s, father and M4 is from my AG4 and was my mother’s, mother’s, mother’s mother.

No super-script represents one generation and the sum of all superscripts then gives the Ancestral Generation. In this notation then P3MP represents my AG5 and was my great-grandfather’s, mother’s, father while M9P3M is from my AG13 and was my AG9 mother’s, great-grand-father’s, mother!

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